About Us

    I am grateful beyond words to know and follow Jesus for over 50 years now, and still growing into my identity as His Beloved. My calling has been to help kids (whom culture calls adolescents) see and believe the reality of a life lived in a relationship with Jesus. Today, I am retired from Young Life Staff, living into My Belovedness and enjoying being a husband, father, author, speaker, mentor/spiritual director, and golfer.
    Along the way, I have written most of these resources for a younger audience as helps toward growing into a deeper relationship with Jesus; however, they are useful for all ages. All of the books are a 6 x 9 inch size, which means they can accompany a Bible very easily.
    My First 30 Quiet Times was designed as a great beginning for someone who recently accepted Jesus, who is starting to earnestly follow Him. It introduces the Bible and basics of the Christian Faith to those first times with God. Since being written in 1985, over 600,000 copies are in print. 
    The other books titles pretty well capture their content, helping us learn, grow, and focus in our life-long discipleship with Jesus. 

Contact me at tysaltz@aol.com